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The complete online marketing system for small businesses and organizations. FDI Marketing

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If your business or organization is looking to boost your online presence, connect with more customers and build your online reputation, FDI Creative Services offers an easy "one-stop shop" solution, trusted by hundreds of companies in dozens of industries.

The "Business Blast" Internet Marketing Solution, was developed by FDI Creative after 30 years of managing online marketing strategies for hundreds of companies nationwide. Since its inception, FDI Creative has been creating professional websites, building eye-catching graphics, and managing Google Adwords Accounts. Starting with a few dozen companies in the mid-'90s, then expanding to several thousand today.

Over its nearly 30 years in business, FDI Creative has identified strategies and found which were the most successful. We then began identifying traps that small and medium-sized companies fall into when developing their marketing plans. We've also seen a lot of wasted time and effort go into marketing plans that just weren't executed very well. This is what gave us the idea for "The Business Blast", a well-rounded and successful online marketing strategy.

What we do is simple. We boil down the core message that a company needs to get out to its customers. From there we use the most popular avenues to reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers for each campaign.

The marketing tree looks like this.

  1. The message, hook, or offer is identified and committed to.
  2. The message is converted to video, infographics, and web pages with lead-generating forms.
  3. Then the message is pushed out through the company website, blog or news channel, and broadcast email systems. This will include Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.
  4. Google Adwords and Boosted Facebook posts then drive home the message.
  5. Giveaways and Contests are created to generate client email addresses which also are added to the email marketing and pushed through the same sales funnel.
  6. All ads lead back to a sales funnel within the company's website.
  7. The leads are then followed up via broadcast email drip campaigns, going out through permission-based email newsletter software.
  8. The FDI SEO Team also works on the client's website to increase its visibility in organic Google Searches.
  9. All traffic is analyzed and reports are generated to see how well the campaign is doing, as well as the traffic being generated by the company's website.

This strategy covers all the bases and can be flexible enough to fit within most marketing budgets. The deliverables are all viewable via reports and the client portal system and FDI works directly with our clients on a monthly basis to see how the campaign is going and make any pivots as necessary.

In addition, FDI works as your website design partner to make changes to your website, and maintain security, usability, and visibility.

FDI is now interviewing new clients

Contact the sales team at FDI Creative Services and see if we are the right fit for your company. FDI will learn about your company and offerings as well as analyze what your organization is currently doing. We will then customize a marketing solution around your product, service, or culture. Contact us now by clicking here. You may also reach us at sales@fdicreative.com or by calling (832) 604-7165

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