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FDI Helps Lonestar Tobacco Reach Online Success


No matter if you're new to smoking cigars or an old pro at it, there are many things you can do. You should first ask yourself if you prefer a strong, medium, or mild cigar. The variety of cigar blends available will give each cigar its own unique flavor. Cigars take time to grow, age, and manufacture. A premium long-fill cigar should last at least 4 years from seedling to finished product. Long fill is a longer-lasting filler than the chop fill used in cheap cigars. FDI has made this website easy to navigate. We've done this so that Lonestar Tobacco's clients can look at different products and figure out which one they like. 

The price of a cigar will be affected by how long the tobacco has been aged. Once you've determined the strength you desire, you can start exploring the regions where cigars are made. The three main areas from which most cigars are made are Nicaragua, Honduras, and Dominican Republic. The final analysis of your taste buds can vary depending on when you smoke a cigar, what kind of food you ate and what you intend to drink with it. A Montecristo White is a good choice for a mild, smooth cigar. After a good dinner, and with a glass or two of your favorite beverage, it's possible to choose something richer with more spice such as an Ashton VSG. FDI is grateful to have worked with Lonestar Tobacco on this project. We're excited to continue working with them in the near future. 


Check out the new Lonestar Tobacco website at https://cigarshouston.com/

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