Web Design Services

At FDI Creative Services, we understand the challenges that face small business. Our whole purpose is to support business people and help them succeed by building a website that is a profit center. Your website should help you find new clients, make it easier for customers to do business with you and be flexible enough that you can make updates fast and easy.

FDI Creative Services, Inc. is a full service website design and marketing company. Our websites are amazing.

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Digital Marketing

FDI Creative Services, Inc. is a full service digital marketing company. FDI can help your company build a solid online marketing strategy, update social media, create press releases and more. FDI can even manage your…

Custom Website Design

FDI Creative Inc. has built a reputation as being a leading website design company. FDI Creative produces amazing websites which connect companies to their core audience. We understand the importance of molding a great first…

Corporate Branding

Your Brand is everything. From strategy through implementation, FDI Creative's Corporate Branding services can help your company reach new heights and blaze new trails in your market. Our branding services may include logo design, website…

About Us

FDI Creative Services, Inc. has been creating cutting edge Websites for nearly two decades. The President and founder, Bill Fahy, started his career in 1991 as a production artist and has created corporate art and marketing programs for companies like Pepsi, Harley Davidson and K2 Inc. Our first location was opened in a small office in Chicago , Il in 1996. Since then, FDI has expanded our operations and our new corporate headquarters is located in Houston, TX. We also have sales offices in Dallas and Midland, TX.

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Our Work

FDI Creative has nearly two decades of experience in graphic and website design. Our websites are designed to be great looking and to convert visitors to new clients. We have helped over 1000 other companies reach their marketing goals.

 Some of our clients include:

  • Discovery Channel
  • MD Anderson
  • RICE University
  • Tomball Regional Hospital
  • EMAS

Extremely experienced in the oil and gas industry.

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MD Anderson

MD Anderson chose FDI Creative to develop their Dosimetry Calibration Lab website. This website was a huge step forward in automating their internal processes and providing a fresh new look to their partners. Visit the…

The Legendary King Ranch

FDI Creative was selected to create the new King Ranch Hunting website because of our vast experience in the outdoor industry. King Ranch, located in south Texas is one of the world's largest ranches. It…

Lone Operator, Inc

Joe Teti is the co-Star from the Discovery Channel Program Dual Survival. Mr. Teti contracted with FDI Creative Services to design and build his tactical training website www.loneoperatorinc.com Lone Operator offers tactical testing for civillians,…